Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hunky And Spunky: You Can't Shoe A Horse Fly (1940)

The Golden State (Uncredited) (1948)

Mother Goose Stories: The Queen Of Hearts (1946)

The Story Of Time (Uncredited) (1951)

The Snow Man (Uncredited) (1933)

Small Fry (Uncredited) (1939)

The Fresh Vegtable Mystery (Uncredited) (1939)

Hunky And Spunky: The Barnyard Brat (1939)

The Playful Polar Bears (Uncredited) (1938)

Snubbed By A Snob (Uncredited) (1940)

Little Lamby (Uncredited) (1937)

Educated Fish (Uncredited) (1937)

Hold It! (Uncredited) (1938)

Ants In The Plants (Uncredited) (1940)

Hunky and Spunky: A Kick In Time (1940)

Little Hawk (Uncredited) (1960)

Popeye: All's Fair At The Fair (1947)

Hunky and Spunky: Always Kickin (1939)

Hunky And Spunky: Hunky And Spunky (1938)

Little Lambkins (Uncredited) (1940)