Friday, November 6, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boy Meets Dog (Uncredited) (1938)

Circus Capers (Uncredited) (1930)

Betty Boop: Crazy Town (1932)

Tiny Tots: Along Came A Duck (1934)

All's Fair At The Fair (Uncredited) (1938)

Bugs Bunny: A Corny Concerto (1943)

Bugs Bunny: Case Of The Missing Hare (1942)

Tweety: I Taw a Putty Tat (1948)

Bugs Bunny: Wackiki Wabbit (1943)

Tweety: Tweetie Pie (1947)

Porky Pig: Nothing But The Tooth (1948)

Chow Hound (Uncredited) (1951)

Bugs Bunny: The Wabbit Who Came To Supper (1941)

Porky Pig: Trap Happy Porky (1945)

Tweety: A Gruesome Twosome (1945)

Porky Pig: Wagon Heels (1945)

The Return of Mr. Hook (Uncredited) (1945)

Porky Pig: Mouse Menace (1946)

Sylvester: Crowing Pains (1947)

Goofy Gophers: The Goofy Gophers (1947)

Sylvester: Hop, Look and Listen (1948)

Fin'n Catty (Uncredited) (1943)

Daffy Duck: Tick Tock Tuckered (1944)

Daffy Duck: Slightly Daffy (1944)

From Hand to Mouse (Uncredited) (1944)

Tweety: Birdy and the Beast (1944)

Inki: Inki and the Minah Bird (1943)

Daffy Duck: Daffy The Commando (1943)

Porky Pig: Porky Pig's Feat (1943)

Daffy Duck: Scrap Happy Daffy (1943)

Pigs in a Polka (Uncredited) (1943)

The Fifth Column Mouse (Uncredited) (1943)

Hop And Go (Uncredited) (1943)

Tokio Jokio (Uncredited) (1943)

Daffy Duck: Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943)

Daffy Duck: The Daffy Duckaroo (1942)

Daffy Duck: To Duck .... or not To Duck (1943)

The Sheepish Wolf (Uncredited) (1942)

Tweety: A Tale of Two Kitties (1942)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ding Dog Daddy (Uncredited) (1942)

Eatin' on the Cuff (the Moth who Came to Dinner) (1942)

Fox Pop (Uncredited) (1942)

The Dover Boys at Pimento University (The Rivals at Roquefort Hall) (1942)

Daffy Duck: The Impatient Patient (1942)

Porky Pig: Porky's Pooch (1941)

Porky Pig: Porky's Pastry Pirates (1941)

Bugs Bunny: Any Bonds Today (1942)

Bugs Bunny: Any Bonds Today (1942)

Porky Pig: Who's Who in the Zoo (1942)

Porky Pig: Porky's Cafe (1942)

Saps in Chaps (Uncredited) (1942)

Daffy Duck: Daffy's Southern Exposure (1942)

Goofy Gophers: Gopher Goofy (1942)

Foney Fables (Uncredited) (1942)

The Ducktators (Uncredited) (1942)

Porky Pig: Porky's Prize Pony (1941)

Porky Pig: Meet John Doughboy (1941)

Porky Pig: We, the Animals-Squeak! (1941)

Sport Chumpions (Uncredited) (1941)

Daffy Duck: The Henpecked Duck (1941)

Porky Pig: Notes to You (1941)

Porky Pig: Robinson Crusoe Jr. (1941)

Rookie Revue (Uncredited) (1941)

Porky Pig: Porky's Midnight Matinee (1941)

Daffy Duck: Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur (1939)

The Early Worm Gets The Bird (Uncredited) (1940)

Porky Pig: Porky's Hired Hand (1940)

Porky Pig: The Timid Toreador (1940)

Joe Glow, The Firefly (Uncredited) (1941)

Porky Pig: Porky's Bear Facts (1941)

Porky Pig: Porky's Preview (1941)

Farm Frolics (Uncredited) (1941)

Porky Pig: Porky's Ant (1941)

Hollywood Steps Out (Uncredited) (1941)